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My aim is to provide long term and effective treatment by addressing the root cause problems and re-establishing balance, unity and function within the body.

Many treatment techniques focus on just masking or hiding symptoms rather than understanding the reason that problems develop in the first place. One of the main reasons for this is that they look at the body in individual sections... for examples a horse has a problem with its back, its stomach or it’s hock.

The reality though is that every part of the body is intimately and completely connected to everything else. When the body suffers from an injury or illness it will soon begin to adjust and compensate in other healthy areas. If the initial problem is not removed, then over time the body will build up more and more compensations and eventually, when it is too far out of balance, the weakest areas will start to show as symptoms. That is the part that we recognise as a problem but they are just the tip of the ice burgh- the weakest areas and final braking points of a generally over stressed and out of balanced body.

In order to address the whole problem, it is therefore necessary to work with the wholehorse;physically, mentally and emotionally as well looking at nutrition, management and exercise.